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Tarek is a Tech Innovator, Digital Evangelist, Online Networker & Entrepreneur

He is an Information Technology management professional, has served in Fortune 500 companies in more than 10 Countries, 4 continents, and is fully bilingual in English and French. Tarek also speaks Italian, Arabic, and has a beginner level in conversational Chinese Mandarin and Maltese.

He held management positions in multiple telecommunications companies before joining RZ Consulting, a completely converted venture to help organizations from public and private sector get the most from the modern technologies and boost their core businesses.

Tarek is a Solution Architect, a Business Developer, Technology Innovator and a seasoned Coach. He participated in multiple events as a participant, organizer, and keynote speaker to inspire audiences about the mysteries of what the new technologies can bring to humanity, and about how we can make the best use of it without falling in the dark sides of it.

Tarek RZ

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