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The Secret To Business Success With Natalie Cox

Live the best life you can live and that starts with doing what you love. This statement has never been more true for Natalie Cox, a graphic designer who became an interior decorator, and for the past 6 years has enjoyed a worthwhile and fulfilling career at CPI Interiors.

Natalie started out as many people do, stuck behind a desk wishing for something more. After working in Ottawa as a graphic designer for 12 years, Natalie discovered she wanted to help people live more fully in their homes. So, she switched gears, and with the help of Sheffield school of interior design Natalie got her certificate as an interior decorator.

In 2014 Natalie started her new career at CPI Interiors. What enticed Natalie most about CPI was their many years of experience and mentors and co-workers who had extensive knowledge to help her learn the business that she now thrives on. Now after having won the award for #1 Decorator in Canada four years in a row, there is no doubt that Natalie Cox is a flourishing expert in her field.

Natalie thoroughly enjoys her flexible hours. She likes that every day is different. She says her job consists of “60% marketing, 20% project management, and 20% designing”. There are some days where she will have several consultations at the homes of her clients. She will talk with them personally to get a sense of who they are and what they like and dislike. Other days she will be at the office working on projects and communicating with clients. And once a month Natalie hosts a seminar to talk to potential clients about the benefits of her work and why they should consider hiring or consulting an interior decorator. You can get a personal invitation to these seminars by signing up for her newsletter on her blog listed below.

During COVID-19 Natalie’s world turned upside-down. Like most people she had to become innovative, especially when your job consists of face-to-face contact. But this didn’t get Natalie down, she took her situation in stride and created a live webinar. “Crazy times we are living in, aren’t we? Instead of my usual in-person seminar, I’ve decided to do a webinar to share some color and brightness with you during this difficult time. Since we are spending so much time inside, I want to show you how to make your home a sanctuary.” Her joy filled webinars brought inspiration and excitement to the online community. For people working from home or bored at home, her simple and stress relieving tips on how to make your home beautiful was a lovely distraction and provided a great opportunity for her to connect with her community.

Natalie Cox’s talent and skills are displayed throughout this article. Looking closely at these photos you can tell Natalie loves the work she does, and these warm and welcoming rooms prove she deserves to be the number one interior decorator in Canada. Doing what you love does pay off and shows in everything you do. When you get to do what you love everyday it isn’t work, it’s your passion.

To see more before and after photos, learn more about CPI’s full service design process and sign up for her next webinar, check out her blog at!

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